Roman Remnants Revealed

Where to find ancient leftovers in Urbino

Roman marble column

On Via S. Girolamo in Urbino, a brick building sits atop the remains of a Roman marble column.
(photo by Megan Northcote)

Most people regard Urbino as a quaint Renaissance walled city, overflowing with 15th century Raphael masterpieces and grandiose Ducale Palace architecture. But few realize traces of even more ancient architecture, including curved Roman arches and triangular Medieval arches, can still be found incorporated into modern-day buildings.

Inside the courtyard of the University of Urbino economic department off Via A. Saffi, for example, you can marvel at part of an original city boundary wall from Medieval times composed of bricks and chunks of marble. Across the street, at Via S. Girolamo, take a look at a brick building constructed atop a footing of marble column. In Roman times, a row of full-sized columns stood here, signifying to a horse and buggy approaching the city to begin making the turn through the city entrance arch, a few yards beyond the columns.

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About Megan Northcote

After spending a month in Urbino scheduling and rescheduling interviews and photoshoots, crossing my fingers for a strong enough internet connection to send an email, and hiking up hills to get to class, I’ve certainly learned my lesson – being an journalist in a foreign country is not easy, but definitely worth it! While I’ve faced many reporting challenges, there is no better location to grow as a journalist than in the gorgeous Renaissance town of Urbino, where every view of rolling green hillsides and birds circling around castle spires reminds me I’m in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And now I have an awesome Urbino Now magazine and tons of breathtaking photos to remind me of my once-in-a-lifetime international reporting experience.